Are Hackers Considered Criminals?

In this article, we are going to see, why every time when people hear the word “HACKER” then why they think always that hackers are bad. Is this thinking correct? Why do we always say that hackers are criminals? Is this true? And most important thing Are Hackers Considered Criminals? Hello, friends! I am a cyber security expert and I am going to answer all these questions in this article, I hope that after reading this article all your doubts will be cleared, and will be able to change your vision and you will think differently from others.


In this growing world of technology and advancements, we are growing rapidly and fast. As technology is growing rapidly, we can see that many services are shifting themselves online, whether it is studies or professional work. As everything is shifting online, crimes are also getting shifted online. We can see that the rate of cyber crimes are getting increased rapidly.

Daily we are getting cases and news that very big and respectable organizations are becoming the prey of criminals and this type of crime is called cyber crimes. And people committing this type of crime are called cyber criminals.

Why are Hackers always pointed out as bad

As we know that a hacker is a person who is a master of computers who uses their knowledge to take over the system access and harm another computer. And doing this kind of stuff without the permission of the system owner is committed as a crime. This is why every time we get to hear the word “HACKER” we always think that he is bad a guy.

If someone asks you Who is A Hacker? Then probably you Imagine a man or guy in a black hoodie along with a suspicious and evil mask sitting on hundreds of systems and working with many terminals at a time just to do bad things.

This is what the majority of people’s visions are like. I totally agree with this, it is totally correct in every manner but this is not always true! Now you might be probably thinking that why? Here is the answer

Hackers are even good?

Why the thinking that hackers are bad is not always correct? As we know that there are 3 Types of hackers and even in this, there are many subcategories but we will be talking about the main 3 subcategories.

Three main categories of hackers are:

  • Black Hat Hackers
  • Grey Hat Hackers
  • White Hat Hackers

Now, we will be knowing each of the category sides by side in as simple words as possible, So let’s get started!

Are Hackers Considered Criminals?

Black Hat Hackers

As the name suggests what I told earlier, is the image of a man in a black hoodie working on green terminals. If you guessed the same, then congrats because you are correct! This is the category of hackers which comes or falls into the bad category.

The hackers in this category hack the systems and servers of governments, banks, and organizations with the intention of causing them harm or money. These are called Bad hacker and they are the reason why the majority of people thinks that hackers are bad.

These hackers are actually harmful and bad. There is a group of hackers known as “ANONYMOUS” which you might probably have heard of somewhere before, they are from the same group of “BLACK HAT HACKERS” and to date, there are no traces where the group ANONYMOUS is currently, no is still able to catch them!

Are Hackers Considered Criminals?

Grey Hat Hackers

Grey Hat Hackers or the mischief hackers are the ones who are neither bad nor good. Meaning, they are neither bad nor good! They hack the systems just to showcase their skills and for fun, sometime they may have the intention to harm the systems and sometimes they do it with good intentions. There is no clarity in them about what they want to do good or bad stuff.

Mainly they do their things just for fun. There is nothing fixed about these hackers are they from the good side or the bad side? They can also be life-saving and also can be life-destroying.

You might have heard about Jonathan, a 15 years old boy who hacked into NASA just for fun, his intention was not to harm NASA or something else, he just did that for fun and NASA have to pay a very big amount to repair the damage that he gave to their systems.

Are Hackers Considered Criminals?

White Hat Hackers

They are also known as the Good Hackers or the Ethical Hackers, they are the hackers who take permission from organizations, the government, or banks to hack into their systems just to look for open loopholes or vulnerabilities in their systems.

They fix them so that Black Hat Hackers cannot take the advantage of them in the future in order for smooth and secure services. They are our digital warriors who protect us from bad hackers, and this proves that not every hacker is bad.


In Conclusion, Hackers are also bad and also good, it depends that what kind of hacker it is. Whether it is a White Hat Hacker or Black Hat Hacker. Ethical hackers are the ones who protect us from bad hackers and keep them away from our lives and because of them, we can enjoy all online services efficiently.

We cannot just say that hackers are bad, we must have knowledge about what kind of hacker a person is, as there is a Negative and Positive points in everything whether it is Technology or anything else.

And to live with these vulnerabilities and make them positive is a skill. We should never conclude anything without the full knowledge because no one is hundred percent perfect, correct, or efficient in themselves.

We must support our warriors and digital warriors as they protect us and saves us and our countries from danger. With that saying, I shall take leave, and let’s meet in another blog post.

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