Difference between GTX and RTX

Hello brother, today in the article we are going to talk about GTX vs RTX and in this article I will tell you which one will be best for you, GTX will be the best or RTX, we will talk well about it and which one you should take, I will also tell you about which one will increase your performance and I will also tell you about it. Who uses RTX and who uses GTX finally we will tell you which is better and which one you should take.

Short Note on GTX

GTX stands for “Giga Texel Shader eXtreme” It is a kind of graphic processing unit that is made by NVIDIA. Graphics cards were created so that they can render Images and videos and they are used in many applications such as video editing, gaming, and other applications. 

What is GTX

Difference between GTX and RTX

is a variant of Nvidia’s own GeForce brand. They were first launched in 2008 in the 200 series, codenamed Tesla. The first product in this series was the GTX 260, followed by the more expensive GTX 280. The introduction of these cards also affected the naming system, and since the introduction of these cards, Nvidia GPUs have used a naming system prefixed with GTX/GT and their model number. the 200 and 300 series were based on the Tesla architecture, the 400 and 500 series were based on the Fermi architecture, etc. The latest GTX 16 series includes GTX 1650, GTX 1660, GTX 1660Ti and their Super counterparts. They are based on the Turing architecture and were launched in 2019.

Short Note on RTX

RTX stands for “Ray Tracing Texel eXtreme”. It is a kind of graphic processing unit produced by NVIDIA. Graphics cards were created for cards to provide real-time ray tracing to make the video look more beautiful. Nvidia announced the RTX series graphics card in 2018 and it came to the market for the first time and many people started buying them.

What is RTX 

Difference between GTX and RTX

 RTX cards were specially designed to support real-time ray tracing, which made the video more beautiful. They were first announced in 2018 and use the Turing architecture. These RTX cards include the RTX 2060, RTX 2070, RTX 2080, RTX 2080Ti, and the Super counterparts  2060 and 2070. These cards support Microsoft’s DirectX12 and DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling).

What is the difference between GTX and RTX?

GeForce is a GPU brand designed by Nvidia and under it are variants like GTX and RTX, but before the terms GTX and RTX were used or existed, terms like GT and GS were popular among GPUs, but today they only offer entry-level graphics processing capability, and for more graphics-intensive applications, there should be many more graphics applications that are GTX or RTX. 

 The latest edition of the GTX series includes the 16XX series, but for the sake of simplicity and similarity, we will consider the differences between the GTX 1080Ti (released in 2016) and the RTX 2080 (released in 2019), because they are quite similar with a small difference.

they are not simple technologies to understand by means, but the main difference between the two is that  RTX is designed specifically for real-time ray tracing. Simply put, it is used to describe the path of light in a video game as it interacts (reflected or refracted) with the real-time environment. Thanks to this, the game gets more beautiful and amazing environments, textures, and materials. Also, there are many games on the market that support ray tracing.


So you have seen how much difference there is between GTX and RTX, if you take GTX then you will get performance but you have to compromise a little less in picture quality. If you take RTX, then you will get better picture quality and texture with performance and you will be able to enjoy the game well. I would like to say that whatever graphics card comes in your budget, you can take it for GTX for low-end PCS and medium PCS, and RTX for high-end PCS or Enthusiast PC. If you liked this article, please visit our site. 

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