How can I increase my boot speed?

Hello guys, today in this article We are going to talk about How can I increase my boot speed? and I will tell you about the benefits of having Windows fast boot I will also tell you what you should do if your boot speed increases and I will give you a lot of suggestions which will help you to make your Windows fast boot. Which will help to make your windows fast boot, we will talk about it in full detail.

Few ways to speed up the window, among them, I will tell you some and that will make your Windows boot time faster.

 Disable Startup Unwanted Apps Or Programs

During the boot of Windows, some apps run in our background, due to which our computer becomes a little slow, and the way To open the Control Panel, press the Control Shift ESC button on the keyboard and it will open your Task Manager and go to startup in it, after that, you will have programs and apps, you have to right click on them and disable them all after all the details when you start the PC. Or if you turn it on, then your Windows boot will be quick. 

Disable Your Background Apps

After your window boots, a lot of Windows free install apps come in your background, they keep running in the background, to close it, you have to search for the background apps and the first option will come up, you have to click on it and go there you have to close the background apps. 

Disable Window Updates

After your Windows boot, your PC keeps getting automatic Windows updates and updates keep happening in the background, so it is necessary to turn them off, and to close them you have to go to Windows’ settings, now I will tell you the process. Setting > Windows Update > Change active hours and change. If you want to do this in Windows 11, then follow this step. Setting > Windows Updates > Advanced Option and Active Hours Change manually.

Update Graphics Drivers

Now I will tell you how to update the graphic driver, You use a Nvidia graphic card you have to go to Chrome and go to the official website of Nvidia and get its software and install it if you have to do the graphics of AMD’s graphic. If you use the card, then you also have to do the same process, you have to go to Chrome and download its software, after installing it, you will have the name of your graphic card there and update the graphic driver there.

Installing SSD in Your System

To make your system fast boot, you should install SSD in it, installing it makes your boot faster and it will open your apps and programs well and you will get performance improvement in your PC. SSD is like a newborn for an old PC and I Recommend some of the best SSDs for you guys there is a pin at the bottom.

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