How do you clean my PC to make it run faster?

So in today’s article, we are going to know How do you clean my PC to make it run faster? There are many ways you can clean your PC comfortably. And I am going to tell you some of them in this article. In these ways, you can clean your computer comfortably, and it will be very easy. 

Removing graphics card and cleaning it

See that the graphics card that is in our computer can cause a lot of damage due to dust accumulation on it. So we have to remove our graphics card first. It has to be cleaned well. After that, we have to clean all the dust that has accumulated inside.

To take out the graphics card, you must first open the screw of the graphics card, then there will be a PCI slot on the motherboard, press it and take the graphics card out.

Dust Clean Or Remove

To clean the PC’s Dust, you will need an air blower, and with that, you have to clean your PC thoroughly. 

First of all, you have to open the top case of your cabinet. After removing the glass, you have to put air inside your PC with the help of an air blower and clean your fans one by one to dust them.

Wipe The Side Panel And the Top And Front Side

You Can Use a Wet Wipe to Wipe it Down. Afterward, You want to use tissue paper or paper towels to remove any excess amount of liquid  

How to make pc faster 

Upgrade Your Ram

Your pc needs RAM RAM is used for managing all active tasks and apps Now this time Modern Computers generally Require a minimum of 4GB of RAM RAM is mostly used in two types of work:

High-intensive apps like editing gaming photo editing online programming apps coding and online streaming platforms.

Low-intensive apps like browsing watching videos and movies. 

Without RAM Your pc can’t handle everything you’re doing. Upgrade your RAM  least 4GB in your PC 

8gb ram is enough, You’re playing intensive games and working you are performing your pc at this time RAM is more affordable. 

Upgrade To An SDD

A Drive is a type of memory its stores the window and program and all flies. Most pc users are using a hard disk drive (HDD), and after a long time using a hard disk your system is slow down, HDD is a very painful drive for pc users.

You can get an SDD(solid state drive) SDD with no moving parts and instant access to all data  SDDs are faster than HDDs and will increase your read and write speeds. Window boot faster than before, files open instantly access, and apps run smoother

The price of SDD continues to fall and SDD is a breath of new life for your pc and your pc age is increasing.


So in today’s article, we told you how you can easily clean your computer. If you follow these steps well, then your computer will also start shining like a brand-new one. So that’s all I will see you again in the next article.

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