laptop vs computer which is best

Hello, guys, today in this article We are going to talk about About computers from laptops. Which one is the best? And which one should you take? Today I will tell you about that computer. For whom is it useful? And for whom will the laptop be used? And I will tell you which one. Which one should you choose for a good performance? And for a day to day tasks. Which one would be best? We are going to talk about it in full detail today.


laptop vs computer which is best

A laptop is a compact computer. So you can take it anywhere here and there. And it can fit comfortably in your bag. You can get a laptop according to your budget. If you take a low-budget laptop, then it has less performance. If you increase your budget a little and take some laptops because budget people do not have so much performance. And I have engaged processors very weak. If you’re a little expensive. If you take a laptop in it. The processor will be good and you will get good performance in today’s laptop. It has become so advanced. That they give out the performance equivalent to the PC. If you want to increase your share of the profile, then you can not change anything hardware in it like changing the graphics card or changing the processor, you can just upgrade the RAM in the laptop and this is the disadvantage of a laptop.

Who uses laptops?

People who do office work. And they need us. A computer-like machine so we can move it around. And there is no problem carrying it; those people use the laptop and those people buy it. 

Advantage of Laptop

The only biggest advantage of the laptop is that you. You can take him anywhere. And there is a battery inside it to give it power.

Disadvantage of Laptop

There is an acid disadvantage inside the laptop. That’s it. Heat up as quickly as possible because nowadays the company. Were Laptops are made in them. There is not much space. That’s why. Sometimes more laptop overheating problems are faced. And they stop working.


laptop vs computer which is best

Computers have arrived everywhere and in every home. You can do anything on a computer. Gaming, coding, programming, video editing, and much more are a variety of things you can do. They have been built so that they can perform heavy-to-heavy work well. The amount of money you’ll make on your computer. That’s it. More performance will remove you. 

Who uses Computer?

Computers are used by people who sit in the same place and do their work for many hours, such as you can sit on it for a long time gaming, streaming, video editing, and many more, and those who need a computer buy a computer.

Advantage of Computer

Tomorrow the advantage is that you can use me for a long time and it does not spoil so quickly and you can easily change any component in it. The advantage of the computer is that you can adjust it according to any element and install it later, I suggest that if you want to update later, then you go to the computer itself.

Disadvantage of Computer

 There is no disadvantage to the computer, it has all advantages.

Which is best

According to your need, you can do anything on the laptop, but I would suggest that if you travel a little, then you should take a laptop if you are more spacer, then you should remain a computer and you have to look at both laptop or computer according to your price. You can look at the computer if you find the laptop better, then you can take it. 

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