Main Difference Between DDR5 RAM and DDR4

Hello guys today in this article We are going to talk about the main difference between DDR5 RAM and DDR4 RAM, I will tell you in this whether DDR5 RAM is the best or DDR4 RAM is the best and which will increase your performance and tell you people which motherboards it supports. And which sockets are supported and who supports how much MHz will tell you what is the improvement in these games and other software, by installing DDR5 RAM and DDR4 RAM and who should install this RAM. And today we are going to talk in full detail about who else should not put this RAM.

Performance Between DDR5 And DDR4 RAM

 This biggest feature is that those who have created this RAM want that they want the speed of this RAM to be 5x times faster than DDR4 RAM. Normally the highest DDR4 RAM  you can Buy only offers DDR4 offers 5000MHz support on the other hand DDR5 supports a minimum speed is  4800 MHz. PCs and their components are getting new innovations every year so that they can give better performance Synchronous Dynamic Random-Access Memory (SDRAM) Makes the PC fast but temporary storage in your PC  Over the year we are innovating double data rate (DDR) SDRAM has moved through generation until recently the most common name of SDRAM was DDR4 And before that there was DDR3

 But right now Samsung is working on DDR6 RAM   The ddr5 RAM generation has appeared with Intel’s new 12th Generation Alder Lake desktop processor, this CPU is compatible with DDR5 RAM 

Let’s look at how DDR5 RAM compares with the old generation RAM DDR4 and whether it is worth doing all this or not.


एसडीRAM SPEED IS GENERALLY MESURES BY A DATA RATE OR MHz speeds many terms help make How these things work Ram’s speed is generally measured by Mega transfer per second (MT/s) When you go to buy RAM you ask which RAM is and how many MHz and he says that this RAM is DDR4 RAM and 3200 MHz 

Let’s see that the range of DDR4 RAM is 800 to 1600 MHz and you also see that the ‘double data rate’ in DDR comes from. And you can overclock them to make them faster, which will increase their speed, but if you want to overclock, then you should give a good RAM and according to us, the best RAM is which corsair vengeance LPX RAM is normally used for overclocking. 

DDR5 improves on DDR4  with both data rate and clock speeds. DDR5 RAM Generally operates in a range of 4800MHz  (MT/s) And this number will be very increased later, for ddr5 ram clock speed also pick up and DDR4 RAM leaves off.

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