Razer DeathAdder V2 VS Razer DeathAdder Essential

Sometimes we wonder which is the best mouse for us. In such a situation, if we go to the gaming mouse, then the first thought we think about is Logitech or Razer But in Logitech, as we know that there is a lot of problem with double click, but if there is no problem with razer, then a lot of people take the razer mouse. they like it more. In this blog, we will be doing Razer DeathAdder V2 VS Razer DeathAdder Essential

Now the question comes that there are many mice in the razer, so which mouse is better for us? And that too within the budget. So Razer has two icons that come on budget—the first is the death agency. The second is Result Death and We Two. Now both these icons have their qualities. So today we will see which of these two mothers is better for you.

Razer DeathAdder V2.

Razer DeathAdder V2 VS Razer DeathAdder Essential

Inside this mouse, we get to see a DPI of up to 20,000, which is very high. Such a feature is very difficult to find in this price range and any other mouse.

If you talk about its sensor, then the sensor in it is high-grade. Gaming optical sensors tracking is very good, which gives us a lot of benefits during gaming. With this, your accuracy increases a lot, due to which you can play comfortably even in competitive games.

Let’s talk about Buttons, there is a clicky sound when pressing its button. Inside this, we get a total of 7 buttons. The work of the two small buttons on the top is to increase the DPI and the two buttons next to it are on the left-hand side. You can set micro on them according to any of your games. By the way, micro can be set on every button in this mouse and all the buttons can be customized according to your own.

And you can also control its RGB lighting according to your own. In this mouse, you also get ARGB functions, which you can customize with the help of Razer Chroma software. In this, you get a lot of lighting options. You can apply your favorite lighting on top of your mouse

Talk about its connection. So we get that wired connection on the USB interface. The wire found is a braided wire which is of very good quality.

Talking about the price, This mouse comes with a price of 2500 Indian Rupees And 30 U.S. dollars.

Razer DeathAdder Essential.

Razer DeathAdder V2 VS Razer DeathAdder Essential

In this mouse, We get a DPI of 6000 Which is also enough for high-grade gaming performance. Such a DPI option is not available in many of the mice available in this price range.

If we talk about the sensor We get an optical mouse sensor in this mouse which is really good for entry-level and both High-level gaming. This mouse also gives accuracy which is competitive with the other mouse Razer Deathadder V2. This mouse performs well in both simple playable games and competitive games.

Now let us talk about the buttons. This mouse comes with a set of 5 buttons. Each button is customizable and can be set macro using the Razer Synapse software. This mouse allows you to set any of the macros or any of the applications running Command.

The only drawback of this mouse is that you get only a green color RGB which means you cannot change the lighting. It only comes with a green color of light which cannot be changed. And also you do not get the DPI control buttons and the profile switch button which is available in the previous mouse Razer Death Adder V2.

Now if we talk about the pricing of this mouse Razer Death adder essential, then the price of this mouse is 500 Indian rupees and 18 U.S. dollars. And this mouse provides a better gaming performance than any of the mice available in this price range, which is a good thing. If we talk about the clicky feedback of this mouse, then the clicky feedback is not much as the Razer DeathAdder V2, but still, the button stabilization is good.


In conclusion, I would say that both of these mice are good according to their price range and the functions they provide. Their features are unbeatable at their price ranges if we compare the Logitech Mices. Then the Razer ones are way far better than those. Logitech we get Too many double-clicking issues. And there is no such problem With these Razer mice. 

I would suggest you purchase any of these Razer mice. Both are good according to their prices. There are no such Hard drawbacks that make them not worth their price.

That was it for this article. We will be meeting you soon in another one. Till then, stay tuned. Thank you for reading.

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