Why is Cybersecurity Important in Today’s Digital Age in 2023?

In this article, we are going to see, Why is Cybersecurity Important in Today’s Digital Age in 2023? Is this thinking correct that cyber security is a very important factor in today’s world?

Hello, friends! I am a cyber security expert and I am going to answer all these questions in this article, I hope that after reading this article all your doubts will be cleared, and will be able to change your vision and you will think differently from others. So stay tuned in the article. We promise to bring this kind to content regularly! Let’s get started in our article


As we know how rapidly this genre or niche is growing, the competition in this field is increasing day by day. As this field allows you to use your full computer skills and to work at your full potential. Also, it is becoming so much more important in this digital age.

Not only to protect organizations but also to prevent cyber crimes and protect our personal and financial information from cyber threats and scams such as hacking, malware attacks, and phishing. So what are the main reasons that cyber security is becoming so much important today, even in IT or information technology? Let us get started to know that!

Importance of cyber security in today’s digital age

The main importance of cyber security in today’s digital age is to protect technology. As we know how fast and efficiently we humans are moving towards advancements and technology, we are coming to see new technology every day and this technology also needs protection from bad people.

Here is where cyber security becomes important for us. If we do not focus on our security then it can also cause great harm to our property and recovering it can be so painful.

Now, not only in big organizations or services, cyber security is required but also in our daily life, our personal data, and financial details also need to be protected from some of the very dangerous factors and scams like hacking, malware attacks, and moreover, phishing. This is one of the most attempted crimes by cyber criminals

What are the impacts of a Data breach or cyber crimes on organizations?

To understand this better, let’s go a little back into the time, you might remember that AIIMS, is one of the most famous institutes of medical education and hospitalization in India. It was hacked by hackers and the hackers asked for 200 Crores of rupees from the institute. Also, they were having data of 1.3 TB (terabytes) and that data was of more than 3 – 4 crores of people, which included many VIPs and political leaders of India.

It was a very big shame to the cyber security managers of India how irresponsible they could be. There was a huge data loss in AIIMS due to this disaster. Whenever organizations are hacked, they always have to face data loss and money loss, hackers first take away all the data and breach the servers and then they demand money from the owners of the organization

This was how the data breaches and irresponsibility in cyber security results, now let us see some ways to deal with these kinds of problems. Actually, precautions are better than remedies, let us see what that means.

Remedy or precautions

As we know Ethical hackers can bring back the data breached data and can fix loopholes to strengthen the systems back. But now what to do if already the data was transferred from the parent server to the hacker? Ethical hackers can fix the breaches, but isn’t it better to avoid these disasters? As we know that in the case of AIIMS, they were using outdated servers and never updated their system.

The thinking of the people is that work should go on, no matter what happens with security. And that is the most irresponsible part of the work. This case mostly can be seen in government organizations, they are not at all serious regarding security matters. If we keep our servers up to date and secured, then there won’t even be an issue like this will appear.

Thing is that if we keep everything in good condition, then we will also be in good condition, if you will mess with the security measures, then it won’t take long to mess with you. You cannot do anything as the servers are nonliving, but the servers can make you deal with very heavy damage. And even sometimes that damage is not even affordable. So always keep yourself and your systems updated. Here are some tips for you.

Why is Cybersecurity Important in Today's Digital Age in 2023?

Pro Tips for being secured:

  • Always check for updates on your system
  • Always update the security patches when needed
  • Keep a good antivirus service on your system
  • If possible, then use VPN when surfing unknown websites
  • Never download any file or anything from an unknown website
  • Never ever trust a site that does not have SSL
  • Always check that a site has SSL or not before giving any personal information there
  • Check if the site has “http” or “https”


In the conclusion, I will just say that the security of your systems is fully in your hands, you are the one who has a hundred percent responsibility for what happens to your system.

Cyber security is very important in this digital age and we must not take it for granted. We must take it seriously and always protect ourselves. Remember that if you will take security measures lightly, then there are chances that you may ruin your own personal things.

Your security while working online is fully up to you, use as many security measures by which you want to protect yourself.

Well, that was it for today’s article, I hope you understood the importance of cyber security and also how to avoid the mistakes that AIIMS did in order to protect your family, friends, or organization. We will be meeting in a new informative blog post soon. Till then Good bye!

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